Writing without the letter ‘e’

I thought that writing a paragraph without an – oops, without…you know, was too difficult. So I put off doing it for a substantial duration. Could I do it? Could any paragraph stand intact without that most common but important of functional alpha-signs? I took up my, you know, my whatyacallit…writing thingy – Biro, and got down to it, annoying my poor brain for hours until it actually hurt. Two Asprin now, two again by and by, but no mitigation. Finally and in agony, I quit. I was a bird-brain, a dimwit – cast down by a tiny, silly symbol. I could not do it. Impossible…

21 thoughts on “Writing without the letter ‘e’

  1. Very good …

    I wonder … have you heard of the book entitled “Void” (Verba Mundi) by Georges Perec? It’s a 300 page novel, written in French, without using the letter “e” … and, even more brilliantly … the English translation of the book also contains no “e” …

    I was so impressed after reading it that I sat down to attempt a small exercise in e-less writing .. I think your paragraph is much longer than mine was. I finally gave up. 🙂

  2. did the terrible concept of e books inspire your e less venture? I would never touch an e book being happy with my library of the real things – but would not go as far as neglecting to use the darling little e

    • I was told about a book, ‘Gadsby’ by Ernest Vincent Wright (1939), a novel written entirely without using the letter ‘e’. Anecdotally the author’s most significant problem writing it was having to continually alter the plot when he couldn’t proceed beyond a certain point without the useful vowel! As you can see, I lasted one paragraph and felt no desire to continue…

      • doing without e reminds me Indian yogis who remain fasting so that they find enlightenment – that was probably the reason Wright wrote that book – alas enlightenment and earnest both begin with an e.

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