Fairy tale update

Little Red Riding Hood grew up and moved to the city. She met some more wolves who got her hooked on crack so she turned to prostitution to feed her habit. When Prince (the artist formerly known as Charming) was in town for a concert at the MCG, he booked her for a quickie and was so impressed that he paid for her rehab then set her up in her own brothel. She hired Snow White (who pretended to be a virgin for the next ten years), Cinderella (their lowest earner who wouldn’t work after midnight), Rapunzel (The hirsute fetishist) and Jasmine, originally from the Arabian Nights Brothel in St. Kilda (who later left to become a jihadist in Yemen.) The wicked step-sisters were popular with masochists while gentlemen preferred Goldilocks. The Little Mermaid was hired on probation but she ended up in a stew and The Snow Queen disappointed all. Pinocchio went to great lengths for his female clients and the Beast was hired as doorman (trying to earn extra money for Beauty’s butt lift.) All went well until one of their best customers, Ali Baba, attracted the wrong element and one night they were cleaned out by a large number of thieves. They all ended up back on the streets where they were quickly signed up for Mel Gibson’s new movie. The sequel, Fairy Tail 2, won an Oscar and they all lived happily ever after – except Mel, but that’s another story.

7 thoughts on “Fairy tale update

  1. sophustanus says:

    Bahahahaha… I really enjoyed this. Thanks. It’s definitely along the same lines as what I’m going for with my own writing. Thanks for letting me know about it.

  2. Well done my friend! I am an avid fan of fairytales — actually in grade school I wrote a piece that was a “Modern Cinderella” ~ This was super brilliant ~ enjoying your work today….and so nice to find you. Warmest wishes ~ Robyn Lee

    • I had a lot of fun writing that Robin and am so glad that it clicked with a like-minded person. My day didn’t begin too well but you’ve lifted my spirits and I no longer feel that the sky is falling 🙂

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