42nd Street Flashback

Grand Central Station

It squats at its grand central beckoning place
Now dwarfed but still a monument to awe,
Stone columns zooming urgently erect
To amiably support vast marble hall;
Façade ascends – the structure’s bones enfleshed,
Toward glazed iconic Tiffany telling time,
Reminding of life’s rigid schedules yet
Or moments missed through haste or slothful pace.
Madly rushing minions freeze-blurred
To anonymity in stolen focus,
Anima/Persona’s seized élan
All turned to stone, glazed faced, awaiting terminus.

26 thoughts on “42nd Street Flashback

  1. Ken W. Simpson says:

    A well produced descriptive poem, which endows the 42nd Street location with a ceratain monumental grandeur in each cleverly composed line.

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