NEWSFLASH: Blogger accurately predicts Oscar winner

Oscars 2013

Oscars prediction – Best Movie 2013


16 thoughts on “NEWSFLASH: Blogger accurately predicts Oscar winner

  1. Heartafire says:

    Your prediction was interesting, Ang Lee if I am not mistaken took the oscar for best director. I’ve been a big fan since “Ice Storm”.

    • You’ve been following him longer than I have so. He didn’t register with me until “Crouching Tiger…” and I was a follower after “Brokeback Mountain”. “Lust, Caution” would have been my favourite before ‘Pi’. Seemed like a really nice guy at the Oscars – very unassuming, unhollywood. Sadly my prediction was somewhat diluted by events 😦

    • I don’t know how I overlooked your post for a month! Impossible – I’m blaming WordPress. We think alike on Life of Pi; surreal deception of every audience member right up to the end – I was never happier to be deceived 🙂 This will become one of the few that I watch once a year.

  2. This is a rare year for me as far as the best pics go, I usually have it on lock. I think Life of Pi was amazing, the story, the visuals were stunning… Lincoln I felt like Daniel Day Lewis summoned Lincoln’s spirit as if he was born to play him, Zero Dark Thirty is gripping, and timely… for me it is hard to say. I will be watching with renewed enthusiasm this year because it isnt often I could be rooting for so many at once!

    • I posted this reply in the wrong place. I’m an idiot! Sorry..

      Mike on February 25, 2013 at 3:23 pm said: Edit



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      We’re certainly spoiled for choice this year. If Anne Hathaway doesn’t win I won’t watch the Oscars for the nest 93 years. Lincoln is good for Best Actor; both Zero Dark Thirty and Argo pander to politics too much though they are indeed great movies otherwise. The money seems to be on Argo and I’ll be disappointed I it lives up to the hype – there are better choices of cinematic excellence.

      • Mike, I don’t know you but I am fairly confident we would be great friends. I don’t have friends that are idiots. ;). Argo wasn’t my favorite either. Anne Hathaway was stunning, on fact All the cast of Les Mes were superb, with the minor exception of Russell Crowe.

        • What a lovely thing you say – you’ve quite made my day 🙂 You’re right about the Les Mis cast – a lot of the children in that assemblage should have received greater acknowledgement too. I’m kicking myself over not picking Jennifer Lawrence. She impressed me so much in Winter’s Bone that I caught every one of her subsequent movies but thought the screenplay of SL-Playlist didn’t live up to her capabilities (in my opinion Winter’s Bone will be hard for her to improve on though she has Hunger Games nailed).

  3. Sara Lier says:

    Honestly, I know I’m going to piss off a lot of people saying this, but when I read The Life of Pi I thought: This is kind of a lame book but I bet it would be a great movie.

    I haven’t seen the film yet, but I will eventually. I always hope to watch all the Oscar nominees beforehand; never do.

    • Goodness. I’d better read some book reviews before I go any further, thanks Sara. You will LOVE the movie regardless – I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

      • Sara Lier says:

        Many people adore the book. I think it is generally well reviewed. I just wasn’t that into it & felt like the story would be better communicated visually. Of course you may completely disagree with me.

    • Close but no cigar. It’ll pick up a few but not best pic. Most likely Best Actor. Not original enough to take the biscuit but then I’m not putting my money where my mouth is joetwo…

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