Seashell Haiku シーシェル俳句










Widow picks seashells
She’s in harmony with them
They are both hollow

Their empty homes bare
Bereft of life and substance
Spirit washed away

Observers look on
Awed by her beauty and grace
Pearl of the oyster

Widow takes her shells
She grinds them to make poison
Pure impurity

Supine on soft sand
Smiling in true happiness
Lifts her conch and drinks

Seashells on her beach
Wail as wind swirls through each one
Tide erases all

78 thoughts on “Seashell Haiku シーシェル俳句

    • The haiku series is increasingly popular Pndrgn but does not conform to convention. I don’t know of any Japanese examples but it is accepted in English haiku. Thanks for your time and thought.

  1. todadwithlove says:

    I see alot of happiness in emptiness, peace in chaos, beauty in pain. Who says poison is bad? I wish the tide has taken her home… Love it, Mike!

  2. You have captured a real sense of solitude, acceptance and resignation in this poem, Mike. Though melancholy to read, beautifully written.

    • Yes, that very clash you describe is exactly what I was after here. In fact it has since occurred to me that the ghost of Puccini’s Madame Butterfly might have landed on my shoulder. Thanks again Angela.

  3. I love poems about seashells and the sea. I grew up near the ocean, and I miss it. This is sad, but the imagery is wonderful. I never thought before about a shell being hollow and empty. But you made it obvious.

    “I saw no one,” he said. “That is what you may expect to see if I follow you.” — Sherlock Holmes
    Thank you for your support and for following me! — M. Vernet

  4. Hi Mike, happy Sunday. Just skiving by to tell you that I’ve nominated you for a big four award which, should you choose to accept, you can collect and nominate your own blogs of love. Check out the nomination here (scroll down the page):

    thank you for posting that which seriously stirs the soul. Your poetry is really is amazing (sorry for the lacklustre ‘amazing’ but we’re coming to the close of NaPoWriMo and I’ve used up my thesaurus). You have a unique and distinct voice and now you’ve inspired me to write haiku 😉

    • This is very thoughtful of you Jackie – it’s “closed to future submissions” but I did find what appears to be their bottomless page of haiku which is more than enough consolation for me. I consider your suggestion as a high endorsement of my work and am sincerely grateful to you.

    • The letters of the alphabet are insufficient for me to express my gratitude for such credit Aquileana but you have my humble gratitude for this valued approbation.

  5. M. Zane McClellan says:

    Excellent. I had not heard of this method of poetic expression. Thank you for teaching me something. Peace. ~ Michael

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