Steel String Melodia

Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin.  Image by Salim Darwiche CC A-SA 3.0

Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin.
Image by Salim Darwiche CC A-SA 3.0

The wind inspires a city bridge
to raise its baton signaling
the tautened harp-strings to begin
an aria whose strains of air
use euphony while windsong tunes
its harmonies and breeze-blown scales
when choral chords chant soft along
the fretted quays and heaven’s breath
blows zephyr airs in concert with
the segueing steely symphony

48 thoughts on “Steel String Melodia

  1. Wonderful poem! 🙂

    When was the Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin built, Mike?

    I don’t seem to remember that bridge when I walked the streets of Dublin with my father on a beautiful and memorable vacation (and I don’t think I’d have forgotten that bridge if I saw it).

    Mind you that beautiful and wonderful trip I had to Ireland with my dad was 21 years ago this summer.

    • Thank you – I recall your telling me about your trip DVH and it predates this ‘new’ bridge which was opened in 2009. Some famed Italian architect came up with the harp design and it honestly took my breath away when I saw it for the first time. Heaps of photos on google.

    • Thank you Victoria, the bridge is only five years old so it’s not surprising that it hadn’t reached your attention yet – you’ll find more detailed photos online.

    • I’m more familiar with that Irishman’s ‘Bohemian Girl’ but understand that ‘Maritana’ is considered superior so I will take your comment as high praise indeed Vera. (I’m going to AOs ‘Carmen’ next week in Melbourne and greatly looking forward to it).

      • todadwithlove says:

        Yes, it was definitely meant as high praise — one of my favourite string pieces. I don’t know Bohemian Girl; shall look it up.
        (Ah yes, I heard the femme fatale is back! Enjoy!)

  2. clarissa415 says:

    Every month I am committed to reblogging. This month I shared your Haiku, next month I will share this one. Great piece!

    • I note that you’re totally tuned into this piece Megan and am glad you caught the vibe. Your generous interpretation is welcomed and appreciated.

  3. “Steely symphony and windsong tunes
    Breeze-blown scales and blows zephyr airs” …

    Evocative imagery, nicely penned

    Cheers & best wishes, Mike,
    Still waiting for you, Godot.
    Aquileana 😛

  4. marcus says:

    your words bring the photo to life
    your words bring the reader to life
    awesome Sir Mike

    • It took my breath away at first sight joe – Dundrum also? I’ll have to get out of the pubs and take a closer look next time I’m in the hood.

  5. It really does look like a glorious stringed instrument, and the winds have blown a fine poetic rhythm across to Oz that have transformed to words reaching NZ!

    I will get writing again soon…honest!

  6. I will pay much more attention next time I cross over – must share this who knows some City Father might even read and decide – Hmmm, a plaque??

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