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One step from moon’s wan halo
a man can disappear
if no one saw him walk away
then was he ever here?

Perhaps he’s glimpsed by moonglow
some trick of eye-blinked night
a shadow on a beach pool
on earth’s shore at twilight
The sea drinks falling starshine
then flaunts a shimmer faint
if one walks towards horizon
their silhouette is framed
The new moon touching water
lays down a stepped contour
that paves the waves invitingly
to some it’s like a lure
A vague shade weighs the stair now
its outline waning slow
in time it is not there at all
dissolved into the flow

One step from moon’s wan halo
the cloud-cloak lends a pall
I wonder was it me I saw
or was I there at all?

59 thoughts on “Enigman

  1. F.G.M. says:

    Beautiful poem! I especially love its title and the play on words, enigma/n – As a non native speakers reading poetry is extremely important as I (try to) write properly in English, without translating from French, my first language. I also love the last stanza. You write original and very profound poetry. Thanks for visiting my blog and following it. Keep in touch 🙂 Kind regards from France / amitiés. FGM

  2. I enjoyed this very much, Mike. The images all worked for me. Real fine rhythm, inside and outside rhymes, echoing the opening in the final couplets – really well done. —Chagall

    • Your sharp analysis of this piece is not only a delight to receive C. but indicates the time and thought that you put into it. I am sincerely appreciative.

    • I blush dsc but am delighted that you got the verbal images central to this piece. I thank you sincerely for reading, feedback and your kind compliment.

    • Yes, I think the reading went ‘as well as could be expected’ 😀 I’m flattered that you chose to listen and thank you for your positive words.

      • I understand the feeling. I still approach the recording of my poetry at my second blog with a little trepidation each time 🙂 It’s especially frustrating if I have a good reading, and then discover on playback that the fan was squeaking, or a car drove by at an inopportune time, lol.

        Poetry lives differently in each mind, the recipient’s, and the creator’s. I wonder how often they match, when not vocalized?

        Keep up the great work.

  3. Mike, on bended knee, I beg you to offer us an audio version. This is so wonderful – I just want to close my eyes and see the vision while the words are read!

    • You’ve carried me back to the classroom with that comparison – is it a silver tongue you have behind that voice? 😉 Thank you kindly TSV for this affirmation which is much appreciated.

  4. Some beautiful lines Mike – these ones in particular P

    erhaps he’s glimpsed by moonglow
    some trick of eye-blinked night
    a shadow on a beach pool

  5. This is beautiful Mike! I particularly love this line: The sea drinks falling starshine. Your rhythm gives it a very lulling, wavelike feel—wonderfully crafted.

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