See Naples and Die

Naples Final3

In a damp Naples lane
a young Dutchman grown old
keeps his eyes to the ground
for the day’s glinting prize
of a bright orphaned coin;
his bottle is brimful
of love’s hurt and loss
stirred to venom within
as he lies down and squints
at a void dark and vague
that resembles the graves
of his catacombed heart;
and the billboard above says
‘See Naples and die’

Near to Napoli Bay
in her penthouse de jour
a French mam’selle looks out
as she stands in a fog
of Chanel No. 5;
the glass wall reflects
her glazed eyes and the hate
that the last boy who left her
bequeathed to her heart
his love now replaced
by her lines of white dust
and the needle’s soft cloud;
and the billboard below says
‘See Naples and die’

31 thoughts on “See Naples and Die

  1. monocochlearmutineer says:

    Ah yes… death in Naples. Beautifully written. The old man brings to mind Thomas Mann in more southern climes…

    • I was hoping that readers would associate the title with the old advertising campaign but also knew that some astute readers would see the literal truth. Thank you for your feedback and lovely compliment S.

  2. I haven’t been to Naples, Italy, so I’m happy to be alive to read this poem! I have been to Naples, Florida, which is a golfing/retirement town but that’s more “move to Naples and die”.

  3. ‘A bright orphaned coin, Mike’ are we all not on the look out for that rainbows end?
    I am enjoying the micropoetry – you a most active/productive mind.

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