Fire Art

That troglodyte I egged him on as quizzically he held
The brand that fell from cavern hearth just as a quake occurred
He focused on the smoldering tip, brow furrowed, stick upheld
I screamed out in my voiceless dream and magically he heard.
He took a sheet of withered bark and peered as if amazed
Then with the firestick in his hand he drew across the grain
With one more geometric stroke a thickened eyebrow raised
As there before his startled eyes a crooked cross was stained.
I bellowed, woke and all the blankets from my bed were cast
I’d seen the perfect pyrographic act my dream had urged
A fire now blazes in my blood to learn and use his craft
It’s in my DNA, our genes through double helix merged.
I still can sense his firestick though I use electric brand
I drew another cross today, his touch cloned in my hand.

Crois Ard copyrighted bright

33 thoughts on “Fire Art

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    your words seem to filter through a if you are reminding someone of what they shared a long time ago….
    words are the magick, and your incredible art is alive within your words…
    I wonder…? do you have separate muses for your word magick and for your art magick? hmmmmm….I think mine are one in the same…
    I enjoyed seeing two of your gifts entwined, Thank you for sharing you…
    Take Care…You Matter…

    • Thank you maryrose, your considerable consideration of these works is ruminative and wistful. The inspiration for my pyrography comes to me much easier than poetry. The images I burn are mostly Celtic, up to the 5th Century or so and I work from photographs of museum pieces, or (as in this case) the still-standing physical object. My poetic muse on the other hand is an absolute bitch! Thanks again maryrose for your thoughtful words.

    • Many thanks. I wrestle enough with words when they’re horizontal Victoria, upending them with be a nightmare for me – you’re the expert so I’ll admire yours instead 🙂

  2. I took great pleasure in annunciating every word aloud. It sounds like the rhythm of a reel. Great fun.
    And what is the process of drawing on the wood with the little machine called? Is it close to etching but mechanized..?

    • Thank you dear ably articulated audile aficionado. It’s now termed Pyrography but in previous incarnations has been ‘Wood Burning’ (18th Cent.) and ‘Pokerwork’ (1920s). Google Images will impress you beyond my simple offering. The device is a Pyrography Pen – a heated wire ‘nib’ with thermostatically adjusted output. I use Sanded 3-ply is a good surface to start with and it also frames neatly. I imagine your personal proficient pencil portraying pinafores at the speed of sound so I caution that this a s-l-o-w procedure.

  3. Wow Mike, what an engaging story and for it to lead to such exquisite art work. It’s stunning – what a talent you have. I’d so love to do something creative with my hands that was say even a tenth of what skill you have (I have shaky hands and no ability to translate from eye to hand). The cross has such great detail that I have an urge to want to touch and examine it in greater detail…if you meet the troglodyte again, you must thank him from me for revealing such a craft to you!

    • Gee thanks RT. It’s mostly practice (with high wastage costs). I find it a very calming activity – unlike poetry which is pretty intense on the brain (I find). Your words here give me a real buzz tho’ so thanks again.

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