On Irony

Fugitive Fragments


Defect of mollusc germinates
Pure pearl of phosphene sphere
Effulgence from pestilence
Adonic from diseased

Albino fawn is ostracized
It dies for its own gloss
Travesty anomalous
Another Hephaestus

The burden of uniqueness
The gift that comes from blight
All paradox of nature
Ironic archetypes

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12 thoughts on “On Irony

  1. “The burden of uniqueness, The gift that comes with blight” resonated with me. But then I thought others must have felt it to, so maybe I’m not the only blighted one. *Sigh* now I feel much better!

    • There’s not one of us who hasn’t been both bless’d and curs’d winged-one, it’s what we make of these that defines us. I thank you for your reading and feedback.

    • Perhaps a person brought up on a farm would feel a special affinity for young animals Jackie (or if a person had a very compassionate nature…)

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