Haiku Fugue


My hunger desires
to taste the flesh of firm fruit
on my sensile tongue

be lieve

Dulcet nightingale –
her song is finest while the
competition sleeps

heavy metal

Fine tuning the beat
puts sharp notes and flat bass bars
in heavy metal


 I can’t remember
This plant’s name…ah yes, that’s it –
Birds of Paradise

beauty frayed

Frail floral beauty –
so ragged at the edges
it’s almost human

60 thoughts on “Haiku Fugue

  1. “sensile”!

    – – –

    sen·sile adjective \ˈsenˌsīl, -n(t)sə̇l\

    1. capable of sensation : sentient
    2. felt or sensed but not registered by an ordinary dry-bulb thermometer


    Latin “sensilis”, from “sensus” (past participle of “sentire” to feel, perceive) + “-ilis” -ile —

    – – –

    Well, every day’s a school day. (. . . I’m going with definition 1.)

    Infuriating first painting. Got that without that the hands and the grapes?

  2. I agree with Hawksword: first and last but with a special preference for the last with its philsophical insight. I think your nightingale should be a he for strict accuracy but you might be intending a gentle jib at females of all species.

    • Please accept Jane that my nightingale is having gender identity issues (otherwise I shall have to publicly admit my ignorance of how avian arias are attuned to their sex). I thank you for the considerable evaluation that you have given to my modest mélange.

    • You have given generous time and thought Steve – acknowledged and appreciated.

      “You to your beauteous blessings add a curse,
      Being fond on praise, which makes your praises worse”
      (Sonnet 84)

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