In a heartbeat
of lust-like licentiousness
a deviant microbe replicates
as parts of its sum cleave
with global generosity

Its sundered progeny hide
among invisibly merciless
hosts of mephitic atoms
aiming without targets
miasma sans frontièrs

Breathlessly we breathe
shun lover’s kiss of death
a close hug comforts none
grave world mulls end of life
in a heartbeat

41 thoughts on “Virus

    • Relax Lauren, we’re not at the goosebumps stage yet but we do need to keep the issue in conversation to promote awareness. Thank your for your interpretation, contribution and fine compliment.

    • Thanks Christy, it feels too remote to some so increasing awareness may increase of the motivation for other governments to help out – this is where those currently topical boots are really needed on the ground.

  1. Yes, one of the consequences of a deadly virus like Ebola is not only the effect it has on our bodies but the effect it has on our soul and our humanity as we escape into the shell of self to try to save our own life in the face of a terrible threat.

  2. It’s not so much the invisible aspect of the little buggers that cause the problem, it’s that they take away our humanity, make us avoid all the contact that comforts, that we need to feel safe. What will we become if even the touch of our breath is suspect?
    Very thoughtful analysis, Mike.

    • That’s a good take on this Jane – we really are physically and emotionally defenseless against this threat. Thanks for your scrutiny and contribution.

  3. This one is great Mike… It made me think of those romantic poets who died of tuberculosis and … Love (what else). John Keats would be a paradigmatic example…
    I love your poem, particularly the last four verses!. Thanks for sharing and best wishes to you, Aquileana 😛

  4. Oh I wasn’t sure whether to be afraid or not but your words are leaving an impression! This should be read by the by the man who does the voiceover at the beginning of all the disaster movies…”In a world…”
    “In a heartbeat…”

    • You have given me an even more frightening scenario of hearing it as a voiceover in a future documentary series called ‘Extinct Civilizations’. Jackie I have great faith in mankind’s ability to overcome such phenomena but apathy by governments around the world is currently giving ebola the edge – Australia was told last week by MCF to shove their dollars and send a medical team!

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