It Takes Two To Tango

inside my
dreams and
did I inveigle you
here into my mind?
maybe you’ve arrived
of your sole self-volition?
I don’t want you to be here
in this my lone peaceful place.
I will decide to ignore each your
lilac gaze, redtinge hair, thigh-slit
tanned leg, wisp waist, pliant breast,
your flesh; warm flesh; soft warm flesh.
I will not overlook your disparaging heart,
and grating teeth spitting verbal vilification,
your keen claws, ribald affair, the broken trust;
the tri-polar triangle of him, you and this naïve sap
then the serial raw malevolence of a woman scorned.
But…as you’re here now…may I please have this dance?

77 thoughts on “It Takes Two To Tango

    • Thank you Angela, it’s kind of you to say so. I recommend that you try the style next time you’re feeling masochistic 😀 Tip: write the poem first then shape and change words to suit.

    • You’re very kind Lizzie. This is a style that I think attracts me on the rare occasion when I feel like an extra challenge. From there it’s just sheer bloody-mindedness and a stubborn refusal to give up. One has to wonder if it was worth the energy. You’ll do it too when you get the same ‘urge’. Write it normally first, then mould it to fit, being prepared to make the minor changes necessary to fit. Practice Lizzie 🙂

  1. So there I was, deep in the moment of the poem, and came to the last line and… you got me! I mean… I totally burst out laughing! Now YOU are the flirting one, flirting with words and poems to keep your readers unsuspecting! Well done, Mike 🙂

    • Thank you, it almost took me that long to write it too 😀 I would be honoured to have this piece reblogged – thank you for further disseminating my work.

      • Many thanks. It must be quite a brain exercise – almost multi-dimensional. Even a short simple form is very difficult. To achieve a perfect form without compromising the language – I doubt if any of my other readers could match it . It is a pleasure to reblog your original piece. 🙂

  2. What a wonderful poem in the shape of a triangle, dear Mike
    I am now thinking that this could be also the shape of two tango dancers as they come closer in a sort of scissor movement with their legs
    Sending you all my best wishes!. Aquileana 🙂

    • No, this is nature of a different sort from the the one that you document so well Tiny, and much less logical 😀 Thank you for your appreciation.

    • The protagonist in his confusion doesn’t mind how badly she dances – just that it takes two to do it. Thank you for your valued input dear Audrey Dawn.

  3. Ya don’t get what ya don’t ask for, however ya ask, I Suppose. This is definitely one way to go about it. I’d be too hypnotized by a lilac gaze to wax quite so poetic, (not to mention the presence of tanned legs and pliant breasts). I guess that’s why I sit so many numbers out, eh?

    • I hear you Ron but when I count the number of times that opportunity is inclined to knock I’m only too happy to trip the light fantastic when it shines across my path 😀

  4. You know in my mind, Mike, the form of this poem takes the shape of a Christmas tree.

    When you were talking about a “sap husband”, I was thinking maybe this was indeed the form you intended the poem to take.

    But after reading it again, I think not.

    Of course, Freud and Jung might wonder if your subconscious Christmas wish is to engage in a steamy and hot tango with a steamy and hot Latina dancer.

    Hence the shape of the poem.

  5. Immaculate.

    Did one of these in the shape of a rhombus coupla years back. Might now have to dig it out. The gauntlet is down.

    Were she mortally sleepy,
    Your teepee’d fit Nefertiti.

  6. So beautiful, I just wish the 5th line reads : “Contemplating” or its conjunction “and” will change to “in” to complete the succeeding noun, but validity is all. It’s really a nice piece.

    • Thank you for your kind words amoafowaa. Your grammatical advice is absolutely correct – that particular line proved beyond my capabilities for compliance with the laws of language and geometry at the same time 😀

  7. What goes on inside the head is often unspeakable and often best unspoken but here it sounds right, almost essential, an imperative. This, for me, is a catharsis and the dramatic intensity is impressive. Kudos, Mike!

    • Astute observation and intuition John. I wrote to reflect the quixotic confusion that immediately follows such a scenario, the time when nothing and everything is real. I consider your analysis and comment to be an accreditation that enhances this work. Much thanks.

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