A Christmas Song

It’s Santa’n’Summer time so I’m outa here for a few weeks. I’ll catch up with you all in the new year. Here’s a swan-song:

Chestnuts explode in the microwave
Jack Frost dripping down your nose
Yuletide carols being murdered by choirs
And lolcats dressed as Eskimos
Everybody knows
That holly-pricks cause blood to flow
(so do gropes at mistletoe)
From Christmas in Oz as we bask on the beach
Seasons goodwill to you.

With apologies to Mel Torme

In my favorite guise at Kindergarten this week lapping up the love :D

In my favorite guise at Kindergarten this week lapping up the love 😀

45 thoughts on “A Christmas Song

  1. Hey Mike!
    I lurve ur xmas song!
    U know every once and a while I think about you, and how you always made insightful comments even tho most ppl are scared to shit to read me. I was in a rough time…now I’m strong. I know ill never meet u but i can feel the support u gave me.
    I might do wordpress a bit more….know anyone who might have my style of humor?

    Take care


    • We all draw inspiration from fellow bloggers and I’m always humbled to be considered supportive of another writer. I wish you success in 2015 with your new blog and the best of Irish luck to you 😉

  2. Sitting with blue fingers while my Australian Mum told us that Ozzies enjoyed a full Xmas dinner in the middle of their summer with the air temp only slightly less than the turkey. Nope. Blue nose, blue ears and chilblains I prefer it the way we do it. But, thanks for the thought . May I reblog?

    • Thank you Lizzie and I reciprocate your good wishes – between you and me I still miss the snow after all these years down-under (exploding snowballs are more my style 😀 xo

  3. Ha.. I think your Christmas is closer to the real truth… and thank you for the reminder of not using the microwave for chestnuts.. 🙂 Have a great holiday on the beach.. and don’t feel sorry for us in the far north who have not even been blessed with snow.

    • The weather is brought to you today by Climate Change and cookery tips by Basil Fawlty. Sorry to hear your reindeer isn’t getting his seasonal exercise Björn 😀

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