On the Origin of the Google Search Algorithm

Al'Khwarizmi - the word algorithm2




Many were the Arab gifts to modern man
Wisdom of the shrewd Semitic scholars past;
Poets Rumi, Ibn ‘Arabi and Khayyam
Geometric art in rhythmic patterns vast.
Studies of the night sky with rare comet flights;
Arabesque anatomy and medicine;
Belly-dancing; sorbet; The Arabian Nights;
Algorithms and decimal ciphering.
Spreading all this knowledge, all this intellect
Like the wild Sirocco scatters grains of sand,
Learning filled the cracks so cultures could connect
Such were gifts of Arabs to Renaissance man.
Google’s algorithm searches everything;
If we search for peace perhaps we’ll share again.

25 thoughts on “On the Origin of the Google Search Algorithm

    • The gift of the gab might make them beg for the peace of silence Jackie 😀 I thank you for your much welcomed flattery and support. سلام _/\_

  1. Well written poem, Mike.

    Perhaps someday we will search for peace again.

    Inspired by scholars like Averroes and Avicenna and Mose Maimonides and Thomas Aquinas who while differring in their concepts of the nature of God searched for knowledge to be found in the various cultures of the world.

  2. Like the wild Sirocco scatters grains of sand,

    ….swirls of imagery. Vivid picture, Mike.

    A date, indeed. A throwback tour of where we’ve been, which includes two of my favorite dudes. Rumi and the Renaissance Man have encouraged me to look beyond what I see towards what can be if I allow myself to believe in difference. Life is full of unexpected. Truly, there is nothing better than learning and opting to be open. Imagine where we would be…

    I’d always suspected that you were a Renaissance Man, and this poem proves it. Only the smartest of men carry the badge. This is a smart poem, Mr. McGuire.

    • Flattery will get you everywhere Audrey (even though I know you have a vivid imagination!). I think it’s good look at problems from all angles – issues are rarely black and white. I’m glad this gave you pause for thought and thank you for your appreciation, it means a lot to me.

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