Evening on the bluestone quay
in Frangipanied harbour air
where palm trees bend to sip the sea
askew with dubious gravity.
A cooling layer of gentle breeze
consumes the day’s dull torrid heat
and coconuts freed randomly
beat earth’s arrhythmic pulse.
Leashed along the timeworn cleats
fast thoroughbreds of classic sail
mahogany and brass and braid
all burnished bow to stern;
laughs and shrieks ambiguous
clinked crystal rings and guitar strings
accompany glad ambience
along the wave-lapped wall.
And me contented just to breathe
the balm of Frangipani

48 thoughts on “Frangipani

  1. I love your style, and your imagery especially. I don’t know if there’s much else to say other than what has already been said, but I wanted to let you know there’s another person out there who so loves your poetry. It’s clear to see how much work has been put into each piece.

    • It’s extraordinarily thoughtful of you to send me this purposeful message of appreciation and a treat to read your opinion of my work. I am humbled and touched by your words Amy – thank you.

  2. Oh Mike I love the use of Frangipane. It truly is as you have described this perfectly. In my mind I could visualize it with the help of your lovely illustration! Wow you are really good at this! 😀

    • The reason I read your blog is not for the subject* but the writing and your comment above is a perfect snapshot of your literary elegance. I’ve enjoyed your voice and style of writing since reading your excellent debut novel Silk For The Feed Dogs Thank you Jackie.

      *That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  3. monocochlearmutineer says:

    Very impressive – somehow with your words you have evoked a very tactile soundscape and, dare I say, ‘aromascape.’ Not to mention your intimate understanding of all things nautical. When reading this poem I am in that world. Well done.

    • Your freshly coined ‘aromascape’ tempts me to add the word as a Tag because it draws straight from the root of my favourite flower in this poem. You hit the nail on the head in your interpretation MP and I am both impressed and grateful. Thank you.

  4. I could breathe the balm of Frangipani as I read your poem…
    Great descriptions. This dreamy poetic atmosphere is certainly captivating, Mike.
    I congratulate you ⭐ Aquileana 😀

    • The best compliment a poet can receive is one confirming his success in transferring one of the six senses to a reader and for this I am honored by your words. Regarding the risks, they are within actuarial boundaries and further decrease if you wear a helmet!

    • You’ve singled out a part that caused me considerable indecision CG (in fact I’m still a bit uncertain about it!) Thank you for this valued analysis and feedback.

    • Thank you SF for your reading, analysis and delightful interpretation that goes straight to the heart of this piece. You time and words are much appreciated.

    • John your transparent reference to the blood, sweat and tears that went into this one is a rare acknowledgement for me and one that tells me even more about you as a kindred spirit. That the outcome pleases you is very gratifying and this feedback greatly valued.

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